Commonly Asked Questions

Photography sessions aren’t just for humans! They’re perfect for showing off the personality (and adorability) of your horse.

        We’ve answered your most frequently asked questions to help you prepare your horse for the          spotlight.


How far in advance do you schedule sessions?

Photography sessions are usually booked 1-2 weeks in advance. Just let me know what date you have in mind and I will be happy to check my calendar.  If I have the date available, we can discuss what is required. 


To secure a date in our diary we do require a £50 deposit, this secures your booking.   We do not charge for the photoshoot itself.  This will be deducted from your final order.


What should I bring to the photo session?


Two sets of clothing changes, that's if you haven't booked the themed photoshoot, where the clothes are supplied for you to wear.  To give you some inspiration I shall forward a style guide, which helps you choose.  Don't forget to accessories with scarves, hats, and necklaces. 


For your horse - A clean leather bridle or a dark coloured halter or lead rope.  The second is a friendly face to help your horse feel more comfortable, one person can stand next to them (just out of the shot) and the other can stand next to the camera, to get their attention


How can I best prepare for the session?

Choose what photos are the most important to you.  Making sure your horse is immaculately clean, and you will get the best images from your session. 


What if my horse is cheeky on the day?

Don’t worry if your four-legged friend flares up and chooses not to co-operate, we can take breaks when needed, so don't worry.  He or she will eventually settle down, and that’s when I’ll get the shots.  I can work some magic in Photoshop to remove lead ropes, so it looks like your horse is roaming in the wild! And we can rid of anything else that gets in the way, like hands, etc…​


What if the weather forecast is not playing fair? ( British weather! )

If rain is due on the day of your photoshoot, I will call or email a few days before to rearrange.   If it rains unexpectedly on the day of your photoshoot, I will be in touch to discuss options and look at either rearranging for later on in the day, or another date (at no extra charge).


Our yard is small so not sure where you can capture some good images? That’s ok! 


We will have a chat and discuss some areas that may be best to get the best shots.  Mansions aren’t necessary for gorgeous pictures; we take great shots in small areas too as long as there’s natural light.  Keep in mind, the location doesn’t have to be your yard; we can shoot anywhere that’s meaningful for you and your horse! 


Do you charge for additional horses?


Each photo session can include up to three horses. There is an additional fee per horse, due to time.  Though if you wanted to add more, then we can have a chat. 


How long do the sessions last?

Sessions last approximately 2 hours, though we may go slightly over.  Also if we have mini photoshoots, they last up to 30 mins, so you can book a photography slot and share it with friends. 

Do you offer frames and products? 

Yes, we have a number of beautiful frames and products for you to purchase.   We can discuss products, sizing, and colours that will best fit your price range.

At no time are you under any obligation to purchase a single image if you don’t wish to. 

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