Questions & Answers

1) My venue is dark. Is this going to be an issue?

No. We are equipped with professional external flashes to compensate for dimly lit venues. In addition, our cameras and lenses have low light capabilities to be able to photograph in situations where we may not be allowed to use flash, such as during an evening event.

2) Do you touch up all the photos?

We will cull the images and select the “best of”. We’ll include extra touchups such as adjusting for white balance, skin tones and highlights for those selected images that are delivered to you. If you have a special request such as removing tattoos, that is considered a custom edit and is quoted separately.

3) How many hours do you suggest that we need?

Our average clients usually book for 2 - 5 hours. If you desire a lot of photos at two different locations we recommend that you add extra hours. After we learn more details about your event day we will be able to give you a more specific recommendation on coverage.

4) How many images do we receive?

Since each event is different, we do not guarantee a set amount of images. There are several factors that affect the number of images shot at your event including the number of hours you have contracted us, activities you have scheduled and the number of people at your event As a guideline, you can expect approx. 30-45 images per hour of service that you contract. If you have two photographers the number increases to approx 50-60 images per hour of service.

5) Can I show you samples of photos that I like?

It is helpful to see samples of images that represent the style you are looking to achieve in your event images. You may e-mail some sample images that you like or send us a link to your Pinterest planning board. We do our best to replicate images but do not guarantee specific shots.

6) What happens if things run late and we need more time?


We provide a courtesy 10-15 minute grace period just in case things run a little late for speeches etc.  If you know early on that you are going to need additional coverage it’s best to inform us prior to your event day.  Any time added on the event day is billed at our hourly pricing  So if you think you may need more hours, it’s better to book them ahead of time.

8) What happens if I lose my images?

We keep backup digital files of our images on two servers. In case of an emergency, we can send you a downloadable link. The first time is complimentary. You will be charged a fee for any additional retrieval requests. 

9) Do you include the raw files?

Your final edited images are delivered in .jpeg format at 8 x12 in at 300 dpi. RAW files and unedited files are not available for purchase and remain property of the photographer.

10) Do you offer sale prints, for individual clients? 

We do offer a downloadable print for a small fee from your gallery. 

For prices, queries or to book your event, please do not hesitate to get in touch.