Our cats are our fur babies.  Sadly, our cat companions cannot be with us forever. But through photography, you can honor and preserve the memories you share together every day.

To capture your fur baby’s unique personality and spirit in the images that are filled with life. Our play-oriented, photo sessions may last up to one-two hours, depending on your cat.


Within the session, I will earn your cat’s trust, get to know his or her personality and get candid shots of your sweet pet enjoying all life has to offer, through play and just relaxing. 

If your cat is so relaxed we can introduce some props for kittie to sit in, some rose petals and so much more and most of all a reward with some treats, which we can discuss, as all cats have different requirements. 

Cat photography sessions are done within your home, where they feel more safe and secure with mum around and in there own surroundings. 

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